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BOOL message_send_all ( TDB_CONTEXT *  conn_tdb,
int  msg_type,
const void *  buf,
size_t  len,
BOOL  duplicates_allowed,
int *  n_sent 

Send a message to all smbd processes.

It isn't very efficient, but should be OK for the sorts of applications that use it. When we need efficient broadcast we can add it.

n_sent Set to the number of messages sent. This should be equal to the number of processes, but be careful for races.
True for success.

Definition at line 440 of file messages.c.

      struct msg_all msg_all;

      msg_all.msg_type = msg_type;
      msg_all.buf = buf;
      msg_all.len = len;
      msg_all.duplicates = duplicates_allowed;
      msg_all.n_sent = 0;

      tdb_traverse(conn_tdb, traverse_fn, &msg_all);
      if (n_sent)
            *n_sent = msg_all.n_sent;
      return True;

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