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   Unix SMB/Netbios implementation.
   Version 1.9.
   SMB parameters and setup
   Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell 1992-1997
   Copyright (C) Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 1996-1997
   Copyright (C) Paul Ashton 1997
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
   Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef _NT_DOMAIN_H /* _NT_DOMAIN_H */
#define _NT_DOMAIN_H 

/* dce/rpc support */
#include "rpc_dce.h"

/* miscellaneous structures / defines */
#include "rpc_misc.h"

#include "rpc_creds.h"

#include "talloc.h"

 * A bunch of stuff that was put into smb.h
 * in the NTDOM branch - it didn't belong there.
typedef struct _prs_struct 
      BOOL io; /* parsing in or out of data stream */
       * If the (incoming) data is big-endian. On output we are
       * always little-endian.
      BOOL bigendian_data;
      uint8 align; /* data alignment */
      BOOL is_dynamic; /* Do we own this memory or not ? */
      uint32 data_offset; /* Current working offset into data. */
      uint32 buffer_size; /* Current allocated size of the buffer. */
      uint32 grow_size; /* size requested via prs_grow() calls */
      char *data_p; /* The buffer itself. */
      TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx; /* When unmarshalling, use this.... */
} prs_struct;

 * Defines for io member of prs_struct.

#define MARSHALL 0
#define UNMARSHALL 1

#define MARSHALLING(ps) (!(ps)->io)
#define UNMARSHALLING(ps) ((ps)->io)

#define RPC_BIG_ENDIAN        1
#define RPC_LITTLE_ENDIAN     0


typedef struct _output_data {
       * Raw RPC output data. This does not include RPC headers or footers.
      prs_struct rdata;

      /* The amount of data sent from the current rdata struct. */
      uint32 data_sent_length;

       * The current PDU being returned. This inclues
       * headers, data and authentication footer.
      unsigned char current_pdu[MAX_PDU_FRAG_LEN];

      /* The amount of data in the current_pdu buffer. */
      uint32 current_pdu_len;

      /* The amount of data sent from the current PDU. */
      uint32 current_pdu_sent;
} output_data;

typedef struct _input_data {
     * This is the current incoming pdu. The data here
     * is collected via multiple writes until a complete
     * pdu is seen, then the data is copied into the in_data
     * structure. The maximum size of this is 0x1630 (MAX_PDU_FRAG_LEN).
    unsigned char current_in_pdu[MAX_PDU_FRAG_LEN];

     * The amount of data needed to complete the in_pdu.
     * If this is zero, then we are at the start of a new
     * pdu.
    uint32 pdu_needed_len;

     * The amount of data received so far in the in_pdu.
     * If this is zero, then we are at the start of a new
     * pdu.
    uint32 pdu_received_len;

     * This is the collection of input data with all
     * the rpc headers and auth footers removed.
     * The maximum length of this (1Mb) is strictly enforced.
    prs_struct data;
} input_data;

 * Handle database - stored per pipe.

struct policy
    struct policy *next, *prev;

    POLICY_HND pol_hnd;

    void *data_ptr;
    void (*free_fn)(void *);


struct handle_list {
      struct policy *Policy;  /* List of policies. */
      size_t count;                 /* Current number of handles. */
      size_t pipe_ref_count;  /* Number of pipe handles referring to this list. */

/* Domain controller authentication protocol info */
struct dcinfo
      DOM_CHAL clnt_chal; /* Initial challenge received from client */
      DOM_CHAL srv_chal;  /* Initial server challenge */
      DOM_CRED clnt_cred; /* Last client credential */
      DOM_CRED srv_cred;  /* Last server credential */
      uchar  sess_key[8]; /* Session key */
      uchar  md4pw[16];   /* md4(machine password) */

      fstring mach_acct;  /* Machine name we've authenticated. */

typedef struct pipes_struct
      struct pipes_struct *next, *prev;
      int pnum;
      connection_struct *conn;
      uint16 vuid; /* points to the unauthenticated user that opened this pipe. */
      BOOL open; /* open connection */
      uint16 device_state;
      uint16 priority;
      fstring name;
      fstring pipe_srv_name;

      RPC_HDR hdr; /* Incoming RPC header. */
      RPC_HDR_REQ hdr_req; /* Incoming request header. */

      uint32 ntlmssp_chal_flags; /* Client challenge flags. */
      BOOL ntlmssp_auth_requested; /* If the client wanted authenticated rpc. */
      BOOL ntlmssp_auth_validated; /* If the client *got* authenticated rpc. */
      unsigned char challenge[8];
      unsigned char ntlmssp_hash[258];
      uint32 ntlmssp_seq_num;
      struct dcinfo dc; /* Keeps the creds data. */

       * Windows user info.
      fstring user_name;
      fstring domain;
      fstring wks;

       * Unix user name and credentials.

      fstring pipe_user_name;
      struct current_user pipe_user;

       * Set to true when an RPC bind has been done on this pipe.
      BOOL pipe_bound;
       * Set to true when we should return fault PDU's for everything.
      BOOL fault_state;
       * Set to true when we should return fault PDU's for a bad handle.
      BOOL bad_handle_fault_state;
       * Set to RPC_BIG_ENDIAN when dealing with big-endian PDU's
      BOOL endian;
       * Struct to deal with multiple pdu inputs.

      input_data in_data;

       * Struct to deal with multiple pdu outputs.

      output_data out_data;

      /* When replying to an SMBtrans, this is the maximum amount of
           data that can be sent in the initial reply. */
      int max_trans_reply;

      /* talloc context to use when allocating memory on this pipe. */
      TALLOC_CTX *mem_ctx;

      /* handle database to use on this pipe. */
      struct handle_list *pipe_handles;

} pipes_struct;

struct api_struct
  const char *name;
  uint8 opnum;
  BOOL (*fn) __P((pipes_struct *));

typedef struct
      uint32 rid;
      const char *name;

} rid_name;

struct acct_info
    fstring acct_name; /* account name */
    fstring acct_desc; /* account name */
    uint32 rid; /* domain-relative RID */

 * higher order functions for use with msrpc client code

#define PRINT_INFO_FN(fn)\
        void (*fn)(const char*, uint32, uint32, void  *const *const)
#define JOB_INFO_FN(fn)\
        void (*fn)(const char*, const char*, uint32, uint32, void *const *const)

/* end higher order functions */

/* security descriptor structures */
#include "rpc_secdes.h"

/* different dce/rpc pipes */
#include "rpc_lsa.h"
#include "rpc_netlogon.h"
#include "rpc_reg.h"
#include "rpc_samr.h"
#include "rpc_srvsvc.h"
#include "rpc_wkssvc.h"
#include "rpc_spoolss.h"
#include "rpc_dfs.h"
#include "sids.h"

#endif /* _NT_DOMAIN_H */

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