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#ifndef _PROFILE_H_
#define _PROFILE_H_
   Unix SMB/Netbios implementation.
   Version 1.9.
   store smbd profiling information in shared memory
   Copyright (C) Andrew Tridgell 1999
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.
   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.
   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
   Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


 * Reasons for cache flush.

#define NUM_FLUSH_REASONS 8 /* Keep this in sync with the enum below. */

/* this file defines the profile structure in the profile shared
   memory area */

#define PROF_SHMEM_KEY ((key_t)0x07021999)
#define PROF_SHM_MAGIC 0x6349985

/* time values in the following structure are in microseconds */

struct profile_stats {
/* general counters */
      unsigned smb_count; /* how many SMB packets we have processed */
      unsigned uid_changes; /* how many times we change our effective uid */
/* system call counters */
      unsigned syscall_opendir_count;
      unsigned syscall_opendir_time;
      unsigned syscall_readdir_count;
      unsigned syscall_readdir_time;
      unsigned syscall_mkdir_count;
      unsigned syscall_mkdir_time;
      unsigned syscall_rmdir_count;
      unsigned syscall_rmdir_time;
      unsigned syscall_closedir_count;
      unsigned syscall_closedir_time;
      unsigned syscall_open_count;
      unsigned syscall_open_time;
      unsigned syscall_close_count;
      unsigned syscall_close_time;
      unsigned syscall_read_count;
      unsigned syscall_read_time;
      unsigned syscall_read_bytes;  /* bytes read with read syscall */
      unsigned syscall_write_count;
      unsigned syscall_write_time;
      unsigned syscall_write_bytes; /* bytes written with write syscall */
      unsigned syscall_lseek_count;
      unsigned syscall_lseek_time;
      unsigned syscall_sendfile_count;
      unsigned syscall_sendfile_time;
      unsigned syscall_sendfile_bytes; /* bytes read with sendfile syscall */
      unsigned syscall_rename_count;
      unsigned syscall_rename_time;
      unsigned syscall_fsync_count;
      unsigned syscall_fsync_time;
      unsigned syscall_stat_count;
      unsigned syscall_stat_time;
      unsigned syscall_fstat_count;
      unsigned syscall_fstat_time;
      unsigned syscall_lstat_count;
      unsigned syscall_lstat_time;
      unsigned syscall_unlink_count;
      unsigned syscall_unlink_time;
      unsigned syscall_chmod_count;
      unsigned syscall_chmod_time;
      unsigned syscall_fchmod_count;
      unsigned syscall_fchmod_time;
      unsigned syscall_chown_count;
      unsigned syscall_chown_time;
      unsigned syscall_fchown_count;
      unsigned syscall_fchown_time;
      unsigned syscall_chdir_count;
      unsigned syscall_chdir_time;
      unsigned syscall_getwd_count;
      unsigned syscall_getwd_time;
      unsigned syscall_utime_count;
      unsigned syscall_utime_time;
      unsigned syscall_ftruncate_count;
      unsigned syscall_ftruncate_time;
      unsigned syscall_fcntl_lock_count;
      unsigned syscall_fcntl_lock_time;
      unsigned syscall_readlink_count;
      unsigned syscall_readlink_time;
      unsigned syscall_symlink_count;
      unsigned syscall_symlink_time;
      unsigned syscall_link_count;
      unsigned syscall_link_time;
      unsigned syscall_mknod_count;
      unsigned syscall_mknod_time;
      unsigned syscall_realpath_count;
      unsigned syscall_realpath_time;
/* stat cache counters */
      unsigned statcache_lookups;
      unsigned statcache_misses;
      unsigned statcache_hits;
/* write cache counters */
      unsigned writecache_read_hits;
      unsigned writecache_abutted_writes;
      unsigned writecache_total_writes;
      unsigned writecache_non_oplock_writes;
      unsigned writecache_direct_writes;
      unsigned writecache_init_writes;
      unsigned writecache_flushed_writes[NUM_FLUSH_REASONS];
      unsigned writecache_num_perfect_writes;
      unsigned writecache_num_write_caches;
      unsigned writecache_allocated_write_caches;
/* counters for individual SMB types */
      unsigned SMBmkdir_count;      /* create directory */
      unsigned SMBmkdir_time;
      unsigned SMBrmdir_count;      /* delete directory */
      unsigned SMBrmdir_time;
      unsigned SMBopen_count;       /* open file */
      unsigned SMBopen_time;
      unsigned SMBcreate_count;     /* create file */
      unsigned SMBcreate_time;
      unsigned SMBclose_count;      /* close file */
      unsigned SMBclose_time;
      unsigned SMBflush_count;      /* flush file */
      unsigned SMBflush_time;
      unsigned SMBunlink_count;     /* delete file */
      unsigned SMBunlink_time;
      unsigned SMBmv_count;         /* rename file */
      unsigned SMBmv_time;
      unsigned SMBgetatr_count;     /* get file attributes */
      unsigned SMBgetatr_time;
      unsigned SMBsetatr_count;     /* set file attributes */
      unsigned SMBsetatr_time;
      unsigned SMBread_count;       /* read from file */
      unsigned SMBread_time;
      unsigned SMBwrite_count;      /* write to file */
      unsigned SMBwrite_time;
      unsigned SMBlock_count;       /* lock byte range */
      unsigned SMBlock_time;
      unsigned SMBunlock_count;     /* unlock byte range */
      unsigned SMBunlock_time;
      unsigned SMBctemp_count;      /* create temporary file */
      unsigned SMBctemp_time;
      /* SMBmknew stats are currently combined with SMBcreate */
      unsigned SMBmknew_count;      /* make new file */
      unsigned SMBmknew_time;
      unsigned SMBchkpth_count;     /* check directory path */
      unsigned SMBchkpth_time;
      unsigned SMBexit_count;       /* process exit */
      unsigned SMBexit_time;
      unsigned SMBlseek_count;      /* seek */
      unsigned SMBlseek_time;
      unsigned SMBlockread_count;   /* Lock a range and read */
      unsigned SMBlockread_time;
      unsigned SMBwriteunlock_count;      /* Unlock a range then write */
      unsigned SMBwriteunlock_time;
      unsigned SMBreadbraw_count;   /* read a block of data with no smb header */
      unsigned SMBreadbraw_time;
      unsigned SMBreadBmpx_count;   /* read block multiplexed */
      unsigned SMBreadBmpx_time;
      unsigned SMBreadBs_count;     /* read block (secondary response) */
      unsigned SMBreadBs_time;
      unsigned SMBwritebraw_count;  /* write a block of data with no smb header */
      unsigned SMBwritebraw_time;
      unsigned SMBwriteBmpx_count;  /* write block multiplexed */
      unsigned SMBwriteBmpx_time;
      unsigned SMBwriteBs_count;    /* write block (secondary request) */
      unsigned SMBwriteBs_time;
      unsigned SMBwritec_count;     /* secondary write request */
      unsigned SMBwritec_time;
      unsigned SMBsetattrE_count;   /* set file attributes expanded */
      unsigned SMBsetattrE_time;
      unsigned SMBgetattrE_count;   /* get file attributes expanded */
      unsigned SMBgetattrE_time;
      unsigned SMBlockingX_count;   /* lock/unlock byte ranges and X */
      unsigned SMBlockingX_time;
      unsigned SMBtrans_count;      /* transaction - name, bytes in/out */
      unsigned SMBtrans_time;
      unsigned SMBtranss_count;     /* transaction (secondary request/response) */
      unsigned SMBtranss_time;
      unsigned SMBioctl_count;      /* IOCTL */
      unsigned SMBioctl_time;
      unsigned SMBioctls_count;     /* IOCTL  (secondary request/response) */
      unsigned SMBioctls_time;
      unsigned SMBcopy_count;       /* copy */
      unsigned SMBcopy_time;
      unsigned SMBmove_count;       /* move */
      unsigned SMBmove_time;
      unsigned SMBecho_count;       /* echo */
      unsigned SMBecho_time;
      unsigned SMBwriteclose_count; /* write a file then close it */
      unsigned SMBwriteclose_time;
      unsigned SMBopenX_count;      /* open and X */
      unsigned SMBopenX_time;
      unsigned SMBreadX_count;      /* read and X */
      unsigned SMBreadX_time;
      unsigned SMBwriteX_count;     /* write and X */
      unsigned SMBwriteX_time;
      unsigned SMBtrans2_count;     /* TRANS2 protocol set */
      unsigned SMBtrans2_time;
      unsigned SMBtranss2_count;    /* TRANS2 protocol set, secondary command */
      unsigned SMBtranss2_time;
      unsigned SMBfindclose_count;  /* Terminate a TRANSACT2_FINDFIRST */
      unsigned SMBfindclose_time;
      unsigned SMBfindnclose_count; /* Terminate a TRANSACT2_FINDNOTIFYFIRST */
      unsigned SMBfindnclose_time;
      unsigned SMBtcon_count;       /* tree connect */
      unsigned SMBtcon_time;
      unsigned SMBtdis_count;       /* tree disconnect */
      unsigned SMBtdis_time;
      unsigned SMBnegprot_count;    /* negotiate protocol */
      unsigned SMBnegprot_time;
      unsigned SMBsesssetupX_count; /* Session Set Up & X (including User Logon) */
      unsigned SMBsesssetupX_time;
      unsigned SMBulogoffX_count;   /* user logoff */
      unsigned SMBulogoffX_time;
      unsigned SMBtconX_count;      /* tree connect and X*/
      unsigned SMBtconX_time;
      unsigned SMBdskattr_count;    /* get disk attributes */
      unsigned SMBdskattr_time;
      unsigned SMBsearch_count;     /* search directory */
      unsigned SMBsearch_time;
      /* SBMffirst stats combined with SMBsearch */
      unsigned SMBffirst_count;     /* find first */
      unsigned SMBffirst_time;
      /* SBMfunique stats combined with SMBsearch */
      unsigned SMBfunique_count;    /* find unique */
      unsigned SMBfunique_time;
      unsigned SMBfclose_count;     /* find close */
      unsigned SMBfclose_time;
      unsigned SMBnttrans_count;    /* NT transact */
      unsigned SMBnttrans_time;
      unsigned SMBnttranss_count;   /* NT transact secondary */
      unsigned SMBnttranss_time;
      unsigned SMBntcreateX_count;  /* NT create and X */
      unsigned SMBntcreateX_time;
      unsigned SMBntcancel_count;   /* NT cancel */
      unsigned SMBntcancel_time;
      unsigned SMBsplopen_count;    /* open print spool file */
      unsigned SMBsplopen_time;
      unsigned SMBsplwr_count;      /* write to print spool file */
      unsigned SMBsplwr_time;
      unsigned SMBsplclose_count;   /* close print spool file */
      unsigned SMBsplclose_time;
      unsigned SMBsplretq_count;    /* return print queue */
      unsigned SMBsplretq_time;
      unsigned SMBsends_count;      /* send single block message */
      unsigned SMBsends_time;
      unsigned SMBsendb_count;      /* send broadcast message */
      unsigned SMBsendb_time;
      unsigned SMBfwdname_count;    /* forward user name */
      unsigned SMBfwdname_time;
      unsigned SMBcancelf_count;    /* cancel forward */
      unsigned SMBcancelf_time;
      unsigned SMBgetmac_count;     /* get machine name */
      unsigned SMBgetmac_time;
      unsigned SMBsendstrt_count;   /* send start of multi-block message */
      unsigned SMBsendstrt_time;
      unsigned SMBsendend_count;    /* send end of multi-block message */
      unsigned SMBsendend_time;
      unsigned SMBsendtxt_count;    /* send text of multi-block message */
      unsigned SMBsendtxt_time;
      unsigned SMBinvalid_count;    /* invalid command */
      unsigned SMBinvalid_time;
/* Pathworks setdir command */
      unsigned pathworks_setdir_count;
      unsigned pathworks_setdir_time;
/* These are the TRANS2 sub commands */
      unsigned Trans2_open_count;
      unsigned Trans2_open_time;
      unsigned Trans2_findfirst_count;
      unsigned Trans2_findfirst_time;
      unsigned Trans2_findnext_count;
      unsigned Trans2_findnext_time;
      unsigned Trans2_qfsinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_qfsinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_setfsinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_setfsinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_qpathinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_qpathinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_setpathinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_setpathinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_qfileinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_qfileinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_setfileinfo_count;
      unsigned Trans2_setfileinfo_time;
      unsigned Trans2_fsctl_count;
      unsigned Trans2_fsctl_time;
      unsigned Trans2_ioctl_count;
      unsigned Trans2_ioctl_time;
      unsigned Trans2_findnotifyfirst_count;
      unsigned Trans2_findnotifyfirst_time;
      unsigned Trans2_findnotifynext_count;
      unsigned Trans2_findnotifynext_time;
      unsigned Trans2_mkdir_count;
      unsigned Trans2_mkdir_time;
      unsigned Trans2_session_setup_count;
      unsigned Trans2_session_setup_time;
      unsigned Trans2_get_dfs_referral_count;
      unsigned Trans2_get_dfs_referral_time;
      unsigned Trans2_report_dfs_inconsistancy_count;
      unsigned Trans2_report_dfs_inconsistancy_time;
/* These are the NT transact sub commands. */
      unsigned NT_transact_create_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_create_time;
      unsigned NT_transact_ioctl_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_ioctl_time;
      unsigned NT_transact_set_security_desc_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_set_security_desc_time;
      unsigned NT_transact_notify_change_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_notify_change_time;
      unsigned NT_transact_rename_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_rename_time;
      unsigned NT_transact_query_security_desc_count;
      unsigned NT_transact_query_security_desc_time;
/* These are ACL manipulation calls */
      unsigned get_nt_acl_count;
      unsigned get_nt_acl_time;
      unsigned fget_nt_acl_count;
      unsigned fget_nt_acl_time;
      unsigned set_nt_acl_count;
      unsigned set_nt_acl_time;
      unsigned fset_nt_acl_count;
      unsigned fset_nt_acl_time;
      unsigned chmod_acl_count;
      unsigned chmod_acl_time;
      unsigned fchmod_acl_count;
      unsigned fchmod_acl_time;
/* These are nmbd stats */
      unsigned name_release_count;
      unsigned name_release_time;
      unsigned name_refresh_count;
      unsigned name_refresh_time;
      unsigned name_registration_count;
      unsigned name_registration_time;
      unsigned node_status_count;
      unsigned node_status_time;
      unsigned name_query_count;
      unsigned name_query_time;
      unsigned host_announce_count;
      unsigned host_announce_time;
      unsigned workgroup_announce_count;
      unsigned workgroup_announce_time;
      unsigned local_master_announce_count;
      unsigned local_master_announce_time;
      unsigned master_browser_announce_count;
      unsigned master_browser_announce_time;
      unsigned lm_host_announce_count;
      unsigned lm_host_announce_time;
      unsigned get_backup_list_count;
      unsigned get_backup_list_time;
      unsigned reset_browser_count;
      unsigned reset_browser_time;
      unsigned announce_request_count;
      unsigned announce_request_time;
      unsigned lm_announce_request_count;
      unsigned lm_announce_request_time;
      unsigned domain_logon_count;
      unsigned domain_logon_time;
      unsigned sync_browse_lists_count;
      unsigned sync_browse_lists_time;
      unsigned run_elections_count;
      unsigned run_elections_time;
      unsigned election_count;
      unsigned election_time;

struct profile_header {
      int prof_shm_magic;
      int prof_shm_version;
      struct profile_stats stats;

extern struct profile_header *profile_h;
extern struct profile_stats *profile_p;
extern struct timeval profile_starttime;
extern struct timeval profile_endtime;
extern struct timeval profile_starttime_nested;
extern struct timeval profile_endtime_nested;
extern BOOL do_profile_flag;
extern BOOL do_profile_times;

/* these are helper macros - do not call them directly in the code
 * below which test for the profile flage first
#define INC_PROFILE_COUNT(x) profile_p->x++
#define DEC_PROFILE_COUNT(x) profile_p->x--
#define ADD_PROFILE_COUNT(x,y) profile_p->x += (y)
#define PROFILE_TIME \
      ((profile_endtime.tv_sec - profile_starttime.tv_sec) *1000000 + \
      ((int)profile_endtime.tv_usec - (int)profile_starttime.tv_usec))
      ((profile_endtime_nested.tv_sec - profile_starttime_nested.tv_sec) *1000000 + \
      ((int)profile_endtime_nested.tv_usec - (int)profile_starttime_nested.tv_usec))

#define DO_PROFILE_INC(x) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            INC_PROFILE_COUNT(x); \
#define DO_PROFILE_DEC(x) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            DEC_PROFILE_COUNT(x); \
#define DO_PROFILE_DEC_INC(x,y) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            DEC_PROFILE_COUNT(x); \
            INC_PROFILE_COUNT(y); \
#define DO_PROFILE_ADD(x,n) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            ADD_PROFILE_COUNT(x,n); \
#define START_PROFILE(x) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            if (do_profile_times) \
                  GetTimeOfDay(&profile_starttime); \
            INC_PROFILE_COUNT(x##_count); \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            if (do_profile_times) \
                  GetTimeOfDay(&profile_starttime_nested); \
            INC_PROFILE_COUNT(x##_count); \
#define START_PROFILE_BYTES(x,n) \
      if (do_profile_flag) { \
            if (do_profile_times) \
                  GetTimeOfDay(&profile_starttime); \
            INC_PROFILE_COUNT(x##_count); \
            ADD_PROFILE_COUNT(x##_bytes,n); \
#define END_PROFILE(x) \
      if (do_profile_times) { \
            GetTimeOfDay(&profile_endtime); \
            ADD_PROFILE_COUNT(x##_time,PROFILE_TIME); \
      if (do_profile_times) { \
            GetTimeOfDay(&profile_endtime_nested); \
#define DO_PROFILE_INC(x)
#define DO_PROFILE_DEC(x)
#define DO_PROFILE_DEC_INC(x,y)
#define DO_PROFILE_ADD(x,n)
#define START_PROFILE(x)
#define END_PROFILE(x)


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