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winbindd_util.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Winbind daemon for NT domain authentication nss module.

Definition in file winbindd_util.c.

#include "winbindd.h"
#include "sids.h"

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static struct winbindd_domain * add_trusted_domain (char *domain_name, struct winbindd_methods *methods)
BOOL check_domain_env (char *domain_env, char *domain)
struct winbindd_domain * domain_list (void)
void fill_domain_username (fstring name, const char *domain, const char *user)
struct winbindd_domain * find_domain_from_name (const char *domain_name)
struct winbindd_domain * find_domain_from_sid (DOM_SID *sid)
void free_domain_list (void)
void free_getent_state (struct getent_state *state)
BOOL init_domain_list (void)
BOOL parse_domain_user (const char *domuser, fstring domain, fstring user)
BOOL winbindd_lookup_name_by_sid (DOM_SID *sid, fstring dom_name, fstring name, enum SID_NAME_USE *type)
 Lookup a name in a domain from a sid.
BOOL winbindd_lookup_sid_by_name (struct winbindd_domain *domain, const char *name, DOM_SID *sid, enum SID_NAME_USE *type)
BOOL winbindd_param_init (void)


static struct winbindd_domain * _domain_list
fstring global_myworkgroup
static const fstring name_deadbeef = "<deadbeef>"

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